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STL is one of the world-leading providers of optical cable solutions. 

Alcadon offers, together with STL (former known as Sterlite), optical fibre solutions that accomodate all your requirements and serve a wide range of purposes. Their optical fibre with lower attentution loss is highly suitable for all networks and enable high network performance and significantly lower installation costs.

Together we offer a wide range of 250µm and 200µm Bend Insensitive Single Mode Fiber and Non-Zero Dispersion Shifted Single Mode Fiber (NZDSF) solutions well-suited for 5G and FTTx applications.

At Alcadon we are leading supplier of STL fibre cables and we can offer cables for all projects.

Why choose STL?


Highest quality as well as fast delivery


Costumised and standard produced cables


Adjustable drum lengths


All requests can be accomodated

STL and Alcadon - the partnership in brief

3 quick facts about fibre cables

Did you know that...

1. Optical fibres consist of glass alone – thinner than a human hair – with unlimited band width?

2. The light moves through the core or the center of the fibre, while optical material (coating) surrounds the core and "catches" the light in the core by the principle of total internal reflection?

3. The fibre is covered in a protecting plastic buffer coating to protect it from humidity and other damages?

Check out more facts and explanations on STL's website


Videos about STL

What does STL do to develop the future optical fibre cables?

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