Alcadon Group

Alcadon Belgium is owned by the listed company Alcadon Group AB.

The subsidiaries are spread all over Europe, meaning you can find Alcadon in Sweden, Norway, Germany, Belgium, Great Britain, Ireland, the Netherlands and Denmark.

Products, solutions and systems since 1988

The product selection, naturally, range far when the desire is to provide services to such different segments.

The Alcadon Group business activities are spread out on four segments, all of them having network and cabling in common.

  • Business, industry and data center
  • Housing, including smart home and safe home
  • Fibre networks/FTTx
  • Service and trainings

The combination of our own brands like ECS and DC Line and partnerships with internationally recognised trademarks ensures a competitive setup and a flexible business model.

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"The culture at Alcadon is characterised by an entrepreneurial spirit and business acumen."

Sonny Mirborn
CEO Alcadon Group AB

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